About Me

Hi, I'm Silvy.
I'm a Relationship Coach and Writer

I’m also …

a longtime creative

a true introvert

a melancholy music-lover

a rain-worshiper

manifesting generator

a mostly secure (now) but also anxiously-attached at times, INFJ, HSP.

I have been obsessed with creating fulfilling relationships – both romantic and friendship – for as long as I can remember. I was the person all my friends came to for relationship advice since I was a young girl. I have endless memories of listening to painful stories shared with me, giving advice, validating complex human experiences.

I remember being on a girl scouts camping trip during middle school, and having all my fellow peers circled for a meditation exercise I wanted to facilitate. I mean, I had no idea what meditation actually was at that time, but what I want you to know about that, was how deep my love of helping people was, even back then.

Part of it probably was because I also needed guidance. And helping others was my way of doing what I could. I have struggled with anxiety – both personal and relational – for much of my life. Most of my healing has happened relationally – which is why I am so committed to offering relational support back to others.

I have since been in my own coaching and therapy on and off for almost 14 years. I believe receiving your own support is necessary in being a skillful facilitator and guide to others. I received my Masters in Psychology in Marriage and Family Therapy in X year.  and have been working with clients as a coach for the last 13 years. I also spent 8 years working as an associate psychotherapist working with incredible supervisors in the therapy field. I was most drawn to work with those who were willing to show their human side, their vulnerability. That has created connection and the most change for me

We hear this saying in various forms everywhere: “We hurt in relationships, and we heal in them too.” And I believe that is very true. Relationships offer us a space to feel seen, a place to co-regulate emotionally with someone, a place to express our needs, and our boundaries, and our fears, and our longings and be received with tenderness and care, a place to better develop our relationship skillset, a place to discover who we really are and want to be.

That is what I am committed to offering you here. A place to discover who you are through the lens of the relationships that exist in your life. 

People seek to work with me when:

  • They’ve done a lot of therapy and are ready for more practical support 
  • They’re struggling to express their boundaries and want an ally on their side
  • They are dating and want to expand and strengthen their dating skills
  • They want to create more reciprocity in their relationships
  • They are ending a relationship and want grounded and compassionate support
  • They want Attachment support to better understand and relate to their partner or friend


I offer one on one coaching packages and online programs that teach the very things that have worked for me and hundreds of my clients. 

Professional Training & Background:


✦ Master’s Degree, Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, Phillips Graduate Institute Chatsworth

✦ Bachelor’s Degree, Sociology, University of California Santa Barbara

✦ Leadership Coaching (2011-2012)

✦ Extensive Training in Emotional, Acting, & Improvisation Skills (2006-2012)

Professional Experience:

✦ Professional Relationship Coach (2012-Present)

✦ Ongoing Personal Therapy (2011-2021)

✦ Associate Marriage & Family Therapist AMFT 75734, CalFam Counseling Center, Supervised by Randall Christopher, MFT 37646 (2019-2021)

✦ Associate Marriage & Family Therapist AMFT 75734, Private Practice, Supervised by Jodi Rowe, LCSW LCS14503 (2013-2019)

✦ Child & Family Specialist Associate Therapist, Pacific Clinics, Pasadena California (2014-2015)

✦ For the Future Group Home, Simi Valley, California (2013-2014)

✦ School-Based MFT Trainee, Partnerships for Uplifting Communities (2012-2013)

✦ Katt Shea Children’s Acting, Santa Clarita, California

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