My Online Courses offer you a variety of relationship skills to help you communicate your relational needs and experiences with more assertiveness, vulnerability, and boundaries.

If you are single and dating, in a long-term relationship, or want support with boundaries, I got you covered!

The courses below will support you to create fulfilling and reciprocal relationships and allow you to feel more confident in expressing your needs and boundaries in relationally sensitive ways.

Practical Communication Online Course

An Online Course to help you strengthen your communication and repair-making skills so that you can feel empowered and confident in your relationship.

The Boundaries Program

A 6-Week Boundaries Program to help you clarify your boundaries and express them with more confidence so that you can experience more safety and trust in your relationships.

Empowered Dating Program

A 12-Week Online Dating Program To Help Singles Date With More Confidence, Unhook From Disconnecting Patterns, and Create Satisfying Love.

Navigating Unmet Expectations Workshop

A 90-minute Workshop to help you work through any expectations you may have in your relationships so you can experience more peace, fulfillment, and connection.

Navigating Endings Workbook

A 30-day practical workbook to help you process and make sense of your relationship ending so that you can cultivate forgiveness, acceptance, and peace.

Attachment 101 Program

4-Week Online Course to help you create create more secure and loving relationships so you don’t waste time investing in relationships that aren’t fulfilling.