Guiding others towards self connection + fulfilling relationships. 

I use…

attachment theory wisdom

boundaries guidance

grounded practical tools

and a compassionate humanistic approach 

to support others in growing their self-awareness and relationship skills.

My soul mission is to support others in expanding their self-knowing and self-connection, and to guide them with the skills to create fulfilling relationships.








  • Compassionate witnessing

  • Offering insights and reflections based on Attachment Theory and family of origin

  • Validation of cultural and systemic oppression

  • Writing to deepen self-awareness

  • Role play dynamics to deepen understanding of concepts

  • Narrative work to integrate one’s story and recreate a new narrative 

“Becoming intimately familiar with the core vulnerabilities within us all can be such a profound gift.”

Some vulnerabilities and fears are existential and innately human. There are some experiences that are not meant to be solved or overcome. They are meant to be held, and witnessed, and embraced.  

We can tend to our healing and be in relationships with others simultaneously. They are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they are not. 

As a relationship coach, I guide others to get to know themselves more intimately in a collaborative way. I teach people how to communicate with self-responsibility, vulnerability, and boundaries. 

I hope you feel a sense of empowerment, validation, ease, and compassion towards yourself and your loved ones as you make your way through my website. 

I offer courses, workbooks, and 1 on 1 coaching support to support you to expand your personal and relational world. 


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