12 Months of Self-Discovery

A nature inspired journal to help deepen your personal awareness.

I am so incredibly excited to share this journal with you. 

It has been my passion project for several years and now that it is in your hands and I have heard so much positive feedback it is all completely worth it. 

Journaling has been a significant part of my own healing journey and continues to be a tool I use for expansion and growth. When I first began I sometimes found it difficult to begin the process and wished I had a little more direction or guidance. I have heard the same thing from some of my clients over the years and so I decided I would create a journal experience that had prompts and guides and just enough structure to remove the resistance and barriers and to allow the journaling to just flow.

12 Months of Self-Discovery is a nature inspired journal to help you tune in and connect with the seasons of life within you. Each month is filled with inspiring quotes, journaling prompts, and soothing visuals to support your healing and self-reflection process. The journal prompts are open-ended to make space for the beautifully complex human you are.

This guided journal will help you:

  • Create habits that will allow you to connect with yourself and validate your inner experiences
  • Connect and tune in with the seasons of nature and the natural flow of life
  • Recognize where you carry internal blocks and resistance
  • Connect to and honor the vulnerable parts of yourself that long to be seen
  • Feel clearer on your values, your needs, and your boundaries
  • Help you relieve stress, and process your feelings
  • Feel more empowered to express yourself in your relationships
  • Get to know yourself in a deeper and more expansive way

With more than 150 beautiful pages of journaling prompts, nature-inspired images (illustrated by artist, Neda Kerendian), and plenty of space to write and reflect, this journaling experience will take you on a 12-month inspired soul journey.

“This journal is created with so much wisdom and love just like everything Silvy creates … I can’t wait to share this with everyone I know. I’ll certainly be sharing with my therapy clients.”  Elizabeth E.

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