Apply to Work Privately with Silvy

I'm so excited to work with YOU!

I get so many requests for 1 on 1 that I’ve decided to finally open up some space for my community. I cannot work with everyone unfortunately and so we will be working to find the best fit and alignment.

Coaching with me is not for you if you are looking for therapy or need support to manage a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. Please note, at this time, coaching is offered for individuals and not couples.

Coaching with me is for you if you want practical relationship support such as:

 ✓ How to create safe, secure, and reciprocal relationships with the people in your life

✓ Learning more about attachment styles and understanding how they specifically impact you

✓ If you want to learn how to communicate more effectively

✓ If you want to feel more connected to your loved ones and understand them more deeply

✓ How to set better boundaries (and learn to express them with sensitivity and kindness)

✓ Recognizing (in your bones) when someone is not willing or capable of co-creating a safe and secure relationship with you

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please click the link below to fill out the application to begin the process.

I am so looking forward to working with you!

Working with Silvy is for YOU if:

You’re wanting to improve your relationships! (Romantic, Family or Professional)

You’re willing to learn and practice new relational behaviors

You are actively dating and want to improve your dating skills!

You’re ready to compassionately work with your anxious/avoidant patterns

You’re ready to build deeper self-trust and re-connect with your intuition

You’re willing to unhook and let go of situations that aren’t supportive

You’re excited to learn self-care practices that honor your attachment tendencies

You’re eager to learn relationship skills focused on reciprocity

You want support identifying your core needs & boundaries

You want practical, action-based support

“I had a lot of self shame, and anger would control my thoughts and being. I now have learnt tools of self compassion and understanding which have and will truly change me forever.” – Kyle

2 Options for your Private Coaching Journey with Silvy

4 Session Coaching Journey
  • Four x 1-Hour Video Sessions with Silvy
  • A Personalized Plan to meet a specific goal
  • Weekly Journal Prompts/Homework to support integration
  • Post-call items to help you implement the plan we create together
  • Personalized Scripts to match your specific goals
  • Compassionate Support to help you feel more connected to yourself and others
  • Powerful Reflections to increase awareness of your attachment-based tendencies and needs
  • Practical Guidance to help you clarify and express your needs and boundaries
  • Empowered Coaching and Direct Feedback to help you relate with more clarity, self-trust, confidence, and ease
  • Lifetime access to all Worksheets, Scripts, and Resources
  • BONUS: Full Course Access to one of Silvy’s online programs
  • 2 Payment Options Available:
    • Pay In Full: 1 Payment of $3000 (Save $200)
    • 2 Monthly Payments of $1600

12 Session Coaching Journey

In this option, you’ll get all the support offered in the 4-session package PLUS all the additions below:

  • 8 Additional 1 on 1 Video Coaching Sessions: This option allows you to deepen your relationship skills over a longer period of time and is great if you would like direct weekly support.
  • 2 Additional Personalized Goals: This option allows you to work on 2-3 goals with Silvy simultaneously. *For example you may want to learn how to strengthen your communicate skills while also work on building habits to nurture yourself.
  • Weekly Office Hour Support: You will be able to reach out to Silvy at any time and Silvy will respond during her 2x per week office hours (Mondays + Thursdays, 2-3pm cst time). You can bring in a specific situation you want to work on and get direct personalized support back from Silvy (via audio or text coaching).
  • 3 Payment Options Available:

    • Pay in Full: (1) Payment of $12,000 (Save $1200)
    • 3 Monthly Payments of $4200 (Save $600)
    • 6 Monthly Payments of $2200

Please click the link below to apply.

My team will review applications and reach out to set up a consultation if we are a good fit or have further questions. 
I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey! 
Hugs, Silvy

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time zone is Silvy located and what time frames are available for calls?

Silvy is currently located in Central Time Zone and holds calls between 11AM-7PM CST Monday-Thursday.

Do I have lifetime access to the content learned with Silvy during our calls?

Yes! Once you enroll, a shared google folder will be created and you will be able to download all documents + resources to keep forever and revisit them as often as you’d like.

Where are the coaching calls hosted?

The coaching calls will be hosted on Zoom. No subscription to zoom is required on your part – just click the link in the confirmation email you will receive after scheduling your calls. A stable wifi/internet connection is needed.

When do the coaching calls begin?

After you submit your application, my team will be in contact with an estimated date to begin after approval.