At the age of 25 I became conflicted between two very different life paths.

Path #1 would lead me further towards my acting career and a CSI Miami role, the kind of role that I had worked 6 hard long years to land.

Path #2 would take me through a transformational leadership journey where I was to be descended into a nurturing yet confronting portal mirroring all the shadowy and neglected parts of myself that I had long repressed and run away from.

Online Courses

A 6-Week Boundaries Program to help you clarify your boundaries and express them with more confidence so that you can experience more safety and trust in your relationships.


A 90-Day Online Journey for Couples to help you navigate conflict, reconnect, and create the loving, safe, and connected relationship you want .. and so deeply deserve.





An Online Course to help you strengthen your communication and repair-making skills so that you can feel empowered and confident in your relationship.



A 12-Week Online Dating Program To Help Singles Date With More Confidence, Unhook From Disconnecting Patterns, and Create Satisfying Love.



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Through the lens of Attachment Theory and Boundaries Work, I guide you towards creating relationships that are deeply connected yet still allow you to be your own person and have your own needs. My writings offer language scripts to help you strengthen your communication and vulnerability skills, as well as support you to more confidently get to know and express your boundaries.

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